How to apply Nail Growth Oil?

  • Twist the end of the tube for the oil to release from the brush. Brush the oil onto your cuticles and massage it in.
    Optional: Apply some on the top of your nail for brightening.

What is the difference between the ‘Nail Growth Oil’ and the ‘JUMBO Nail Growth Oil’?

  • They’re the same formulas! The JUMBO is 2ml more and lasts longer.


How often should I apply the Nail Growth Oil?

  • For best results, apply the Nail Growth Oil every night before bed.


Can I apply this product on my toes?

  • Yes! You can use this product for your toenails as well.


Can I apply this product even if I have gel polish/nail polish/acrylics on?

  • Yes! You can use this product even if your nails are done because the oil goes onto the cuticles.


What are the benefits of the Nail Growth Oil?

  • Our Nail Growth Oil is beneficial for many reasons because it is packed with all the vitamins and nutrients that your nails need in order to have healthy growth. Our Nail Growth Oil helps with strengthening, growing, and brightening. It helps replenish your nails and will moisturize your cuticles.


How long is the growth process?

  • You may see results in 1-3 weeks. Keep in mind that everyones bodies are different and it may vary from person to person.

How long do I need to apply it for?

  • You can apply it for as long as you’d like or until you’re happy with your results! A lot of our customers use it all the time as it has amazing nourishing and replenishing properties that promote healthy cuticles and nails!

How long does the Nail Growth Oil/JUMBO Nail Growth Oil typically last for?

  • The regular Nail Growth Oil may last about a month.
  • The JUMBO Nail Growth Oil may last about a month and half.

Of course this varies to how much oil a person is using daily.


Who does this product work for?

  • Anyone who has trouble growing weak, thin, brittle, or damaged nails.


Where can I find the ingredients list?

  • You can find the ingredients list on the product pages.

I am allergic to some ingredients, what should I do?

  • You can check our product pages for ingredient lists. Also, please consult with your doctor before purchasing.


Will the Nail Growth Oil affect my hormones? 

  • No, because this is a topical oil. It is NOT something you consume.


How do I get the Nail Growth Oil?


Does Radiant Cosmetics sell the Nail Growth Oil in stores?


How much is the Nail Growth Oil?

  • Our Nail Growth Oil retails for $14.99 USD.


How much is shipping? 

  • Shipping varies from country to country. Radiant Cosmetics does not have any control on automatic shipping charges from shipping carriers.


Why is shipping higher for some countries?

  • Here are some factors that affect shipping rates: Destination or Origin, Weight or Dimensional Weight, Delivery Speed, Packaging Materials, Warehouse and Distribution Center, etc.


What should I do if I have any issues with my order? 

  • Please contact us via email: help@radiantcosmetics.com We respond quicker to emails rather than Instagram DM’s! Please make sure your email is translate to English before sending it over.


Do you offer Wholesale?

  • Yes! We currently have one wholesale option which is discounted for resellers.


Where is Radiant Cosmetics, LLC based?

  • Radiant Cosmetics, LLC is based in California, USA.


Do you offer refunds/returns?


Does Radiant Cosmetics cover and taxes/fees or customs for shipping?

  • Radiant Cosmetics, LLC is not responsible for any taxes/fees or customs. Please check with your country for any additional taxes/fees or customs.

Are there any discount codes I can use?

  • To stay up-to-date with our discounts and offers, make sure to subscribe to our email/SMS marketing! Our subscribers get exclusive deals! You can also follow us on our Instagram for additional information: @radiantcosmetics 


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