About The Founder

About the Founder


Forbes 30 Under 30 - Retail & E-commerce 2024

My name is Ruth Ismayelyan. I’m a 22 year old entrepreneur and TikTok beauty influencer. I was born in Sacramento, California. I have a huge passion for cosmetics and at the age of 19 I launched my e-commerce business ‘Radiant Cosmetics’ in 2020 on the Shopify platform. It all started when I created a miracle ‘nail growth oil’ for my own thin and brittle nails. My nails had grown so long and strong that one day on a TikTok livestream, someone asked me what I did to get my nails to grow so long and if I would sell my nail growth oil to them. That comment inspired me to create a website and launch my business. I started with a bank balance of -7 dollars and zero funding. I was able to turn that into a 7 figure business within 2 short years. Since our launch, our gross sales have increased every year. My parents are my biggest supporters and my motivation to work hard so that one day I would be able to repay them. I began advertising my products on TikTok and my business blew up! I had multiple viral videos that accumulated over 100 million views. My online store kept selling out as we were making headlines on multiple articles. I was blown away by all of the love and support my business had received in just a short span. We are now the top search result on google when typing “nail growth oil” in the search engine due to the popularity of the brand. We were in the top 10% of Shopify merchants in 2021, and now top 1% of Shopify merchants in 2024. We sold out online in Urban Outfitters within a few days! We are selling out daily on the new Shop feature on TikTok called “TikTok Shop.” Our best-selling Nail Growth Oil is now titled as a ‘Hero product’ on the platform which puts us in the category of top 30 bestselling products in the USA on TikTok shop! I was able to help so many customers all around the world recover their nails from damaged nails to healthy and replenished nails. My greatest accomplishment is that I was able to give back to my parents by helping them purchase their dream home, dream car and ultimately retiring them at an earlier age.


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